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PocketMetro Berlin 2.17

Did you ever get lost in the tube network of an unfamiliar city, spending hours hunting down an elusive network map? Were you ever late at a business meeting because you took the wrong line? Were you ever late at a party because your usual line was stopped for repairs and you didn't know the other ways very well?

If you ever found yourself in one of those situations, you know how embarrassing it is for you, your family, your friends and your co-workers. Fortunately, there is quick and easy solution: PocketMetro 2.1.

Animated screenshot of PocketMetro showing a user looking up a roadmap. PocketMetro 2.1 is an application that runs on any Java-capable handset. It knows about each line and each station in the network and it can compute the shortest travel between two tube or light rail stations, instantaneously. It gives you a complete roadmap between the start station and the end station, including the line changes. Each roadmap is available in two versions: fastest and least changes. PocketMetro 2.1 also takes into account the current day and time, so it can avoid closed stations and take the express lines.

PocketMetro 2.1 does not work like a WAP service: it does not use a remote server to find the best route. The route is integrally computed by your mobile phone. This means that PocketMetro 2.1 will work in areas not covered by your carrier (like underground). Also, it costs nothing to use: there is no need for a WAP or GPRS plan.

Public transportation network are always in the works: new lines are opened, existing stations are closed for rehabiliation, and so on. In order to always provide you with up to date information, updates are free!

PocketMetro 2.1 is available for many cities, and more are on the way.

• Automatically adapts itself to the Look'n'Feel of your mobile phone
• Takes the current day and time into account to compute the best roadmap at any given time
• Works underground
• Does not generate data charges
• Can deal with out-of-order lines
• Compute both the fastest route and the route with the least changes
• Gives you a precise estimation of the travel time
• Very fast
• Free updates

A comprehensive metro guide on your cellphone!

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PocketMetro Berlin


PocketMetro Berlin 2.17